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D1 Design Update - Floor Variations

Just a brief update, almost finished finalizing the "smooth" D1 floor variation. The first question one might have is why am I making such a thing. In short, options. The technical side of it, I'm seeking to accommodate as many modders as possible by offering up a variation thats easier to dial in for those who may not have the greatest of time/luck dialing in their printers. Were here to help with that, yes, but remember the core of my philosophy is allowing anybody to end up with some really cool, kick ass tilesets to work with and not every printer on the market is up to the challenge. My design time is devoted to alot more R&D for this method than the artwork (at times) More on these ideas and work can be found in the D1 Discussion Group here. If you want to join in, you have to register on the site folks.
D1 Floor Compare01
D1 Floor Compare02
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