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D1 Dungeon: Design Notes, Walls.

Walls. The core less the floor. (laughs)
When I approached this it was decided up front that one of the things I hated about other systems/sets I've seen over the years was repetition.
See, going back to the 80's we did have tilesets, they were basically cast plaster and hydrostone. They werent very sturdy and still, most of them were by design repeated ones.
Well, here we are I said to myself.
Walls Notes 01
I figured at least I'd want to offer up initially a selection so people could choose and not run into an immediate repeating of visual textures and lines. Inevitablly there will be some because remember we are printing these and a line has to be drawn somewhere. I settled on at least 3 or 4 variations on the larger tiles, but at the center of it all, the 2X2's were probably going to be the most used and needed the most variation. To start, 8 would be plenty.
As for the rest, the variable faces still have (In my mind) enough to keep most people pretty happy. Out there nobody's going my level of crazy yet and as time goes by, Ill probably add even more if people request it enough. Once someone sits down and attempts to look over what I'm offering up at the start will probably find themselves pretty satisfied with being able to randomize the look to the levels I've set up.
The system I'm putting together will be expansive AND expandable- the ideas I have on the burner for "unique" and "advanced" tiles will hopefully give people the tools to be creative and customize to their heart's content. Thats the fun part for me.
What's ahead? I know "advanced" and "unique" probably peaked your interest. Some of it, you'll have to wait for but I'll explain some of the basic stuff. I wanted to also go beyond a set of walls. We have some pretty cool stuff out there and one of the things I wanted to incorporate into my system was effects like LED's, replaceable/removable items and decoration. Yeah, we have that to some degree already but it's not designed INTO the systems. As a tile-crafter a hot glue gun, hacking tea-lights and foam stuck in your hair seems to be the standard. I want to get away from that and at least provide at the core of it, tiles designed around adding the various effects so that most of the hard work is done. Of course a bit of preparation, gathering components and assembly will still be required but the tiles will be receptive to you adding them. I have some awesome working prototypes already and after the D1 Kickstarter is live I'll be regularly teasing people with this end of things.
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