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D1 Printable Model Stands Released!

D1 Printable Model Stands
My take on holding and protecting models while they are in progress. If youre like me, while working models theres never
enough scatter laying around the bench to lean them up against. Ever had one fall over and chip, or even break? I have.
These days people are also displaying works in progress via social media, so why not do it right like your level of
Modder's Jutsu demands?
You can purchase them here: D1 Printable Model Stands
I'll be expanding on this series in short order, stay tuned.
Find out about updates, ask questions, or see whats in the line for the next level of boomity-boom. I'm not stopping with just this folks.
Hit our group here: Modder's Lab
  • Textured in our traditional "D1" dungeon stone to match the stylin' styling.
  • Made to fit standard #9 corks, and alligator clips which are readily available.
  • Easy to assemble, Print as many as you like.
  • Print it and go, or mod it! I paint mine up because even though they look great in a dark print, my artist's OCD won't allow anything less.
D1 MOD MST Painted 00 copy
D1 MOD MST Painted 03 copy
D1 MOD MST Unpainted 03 copy
D1 MOD MST Clips Cork copy
Organizing Jutsu, Take 90
D1 Series Model Stand(s) Finals.
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