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Organizing Jutsu, Take 90

Just finished the 90 slot section of my storage for the mod bench. Quite happy with how it turned out.
For those interested, I used AIO Grey Filament, Airbrushed the stonework, and used Minwax English Chestnut on the wood shelves. Sealed with rattle can matte.
You can make/print one yourself, it's for sale here:  D1 Modder's Paint Rack
Rack 90 001sm
Rack 90 002sm
Rack 90 005sm
Rack 90 006sm
Rack 90 007sm
Rack 90 008sm
Rack 90 0010sm
Rack 90 0011 sm
Finally Re-arranged The Workbench
D1 Printable Model Stands Released!
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