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Released: Creation Workshop Pre-Configured With Resin Profiles

WANHAOD7 CW Preconfigured
Been working on this for awhile for Wanhao, I released the Software Package, it's available on our Forums and Facebook Group(s). Designed to make the setup and operation of Creation Workshop easier by including a large selection (and growing!) of pre-configured resin profiles, system and display settings, etc.
As new resins come in from other sources, I'll add them to the releases in the form of revisions. New Resin Manufacturer's and ones who didn't make it into this release are welcome to message me about being included in the future releases and are urged to participate on the groups, and in the forums.
Included Resin Profiles @ 100, 50 and 35 Micron Layer Heights, for Wanhao, Monocure, and FTD Resins. (You will still need to dial in as machine UV can differ from one machine to another, but its all close, and been tested on a series of D7's for an average.)
I'ts meant to accompany the Quick Setup Walkthrough I released as well. (It's also now included in the archive)
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