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Slotted Door Variations: Happy Now?

Slotted Door geometry and initial designs are done, very happy with these. As of this posting, I'm only showing the "Arched" doorways and doors, there are also a "Square" (Rectangle) standard doorway set as well. As with the other features of the system, I wanted variation. Wooden doors, reinforced doors, iron doors, portcullis, hidden, magical and coffee making. I'll add additional images when able. Enjoy!
Slotted Arched Doors 04sm
Slotted Arched Doors 05sm
Slotted Arched Doors 03sm
Slotted Arched Doors 02sm
Slotted Arched Doors 01sm
D1 Dungeon: Design Notes, Walls.
Portcullis System Almost Finished.
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