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Special Edition - Airbrush/Miniatures Paint Rack Jutsu

Been pretty quiet on what I've been up to; The D1 Kickstarter is almost ready to go, and the things I've been working on in that department are well, kind of proprietary until launch so having to be a bit shady at this point.
However, a little something I can show off is one of the perks the backers will get for free. See, remember the quick "Bored Shitless Series" (laughs) rack I posted up earlier? Yes, I was being honest when I said I threw that together while contemplating my existence in the throne room early one morning on a tablet. This however, was the real end result I knew I'd follow through on.
I've been printing up a set (of course!) for myself and between the shelves being ancient wood textured, the riser's in the D1 Dungeon styling, and it's expandable design, I still managed to get my normal work on the series finished and on schedule too. This is what happens when I cut loose. May the Gods help you all.
Special Edition Rack 00 02
Special Edition Rack 02 02
Special Edition Rack 03 02
Special Edition Rack 04 02
Special Edition Rack 05 02
Special Edition Rack 06 02
Special Edition Rack Breakdown 02
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