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Hello all Welcome to the Forums.
This has been a massive undertaking by the awesomely talented Earl Miller and as I know he doesn't like to blow his own Horn I'll have to do it for him.
Earl is an incredible Designer and a True Jack of All Trades with a Wealth of Knowledge that can be tapped into if you ask.
Anything from Building Full Scale Ancient Siege Weapons to the other End of the Scale to D&D Dungeon Tiles and everything in between.

I hope that is enough to make me Spill the Beans and tell us more about himself.

These Forums are just a Small Glimpse into his mind and an extra community to share your thoughts and Designs with the Community as a Whole.
This isn't a place to replace the Communities/Forums/Groups unless you like it so much here you choose to do so.

Please be Respectful of other people and show some love to your fellow Makers/Painters/Creators.

We can't all know everything about every subject and most of us have very different Skill Levels from all Aspects of the Maker Community as a whole.

So again please be respectful and most importantly Don't be afraid to ask Questions and Share your knowledge with us.

Much like Earl I don't like Blowing my own Horn but I'll give it my Best Shot.

Some of you may know me and some of you may not so here is a short summary of who I am and what I do.
If you follow me on Twitter you will see that I share a lot of stuff and it has to be my Most Active Social Media Platform.
@3DPrintedAspie for those of you who don't.
I'm also on Facebook too but not as much and you can normally find me Helping Mod some of the bigger YouTube Channels like Toms3DP or 3D Maker Noob.
Ok Ok enough of the Plug to distract myself from Writing about myself.

I am Ryan I am a 33 year old Maker living in a Tiny Town on the Border of England and Wales.
I say Maker because I don't really fit into any category as I have many interests in many fields of creation/making.
My main focus is as an Artist/Designer using Software programs such as Zbrush and Fusion360 to create either Artistic Sculpt to Print or Functional parts for other projects.
I have a BA Honors Degree in Computer Games Design and have worked Jobs ranging from Construction to Sorting Mail.
I enjoy Making Things, Repairing Things and learning new skills.

I'm straight Shooting and call it like it is sometimes being too honest and that pisses people off but we all have faults and I'm always willing to admit when I am Wrong.

Thanks for Joining and thanks for reading.

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