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    D1 Wet Palette Teaser
    D1_Palette_Alt_Lids_02_worded Finals are finished.  and all I'm waiting on is getting some displays finished up for photos. I originally was going to do an additional lid or two, and instead (as promised) went to 11 after my standard level 10. The medallions are printed separate, as is the insert lid so you can choose which to go with. The design is meant to be used on any standard printer, but in doing so, I'm giving you the option (as I did for my own) to print the medallions themselves in a higher resolution.     The patterning and textures I use are meant to be accented by the typical 0.20 layer heights, while by preference you can go crazy on the medallions (I prefer 0.05) since they are small. They look good either way, I just like to allow option. Included with the release will also be a medallion blank and a tutorial so you can easily make your own. I had to challenge myself a little to hold back on my symmetry OCD, to retain the look of carved stone.   One of my testers noted that (And I quote) "You know aside from this being a damn fine wet palette,...
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