D1 Wet Palette Almost Finished...

I had to temporarily set aside the D1 Modder's Paint Rack Corner Module to wait on incoming wood filaments, theres been a delay from the manufacturer and you all know I'm picky about my finished item photography. That said, I finished up the Wet Palette and have been testing it. Looks like I'm happy and will be decking the finished design out for photography a little later today, so expect this to be released real soon.
Why? Who wants to order the "Poo-Poo Palette"? Not in this son's lab. We do it with style. Like mummified lizard on your favorite chair style. "It's the little nubbies that keep you wanting more."
Some features not apparent in the notebook renders shown here:
  • Optional Magnets for securing the lid.
  • Stackable! (Stackable you say?)
  • A second and third alternate lid design. These are super secret for a good reason. I like blowing you away. 
Some people (like me) prefer keeping different types of paints seperate - I approach this in the design and hope you enjoy the thought put into this as much as I have had designing it. 
D1 Wet Palette 01
D1 Wet Palette 02
D1 Wet Palette 03
D1 Wet Palette Teaser
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Sunday, 17 January 2021
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