Finishing Up The D1 Easel

This one was fun. Just finishing up the printing on the display version.
What is this exactly?
Ok, terrain- tiles specifically. Anyone who's cranking them out knows you can amass craploads of it to do. While I'm not adverse to brushing the tiles, I prefer the airbrush as it can speed things along and in my view, give a much more detailed result. Personally, I don't like my work, even terrain to look like production line shit. In upcoming videos you'll see exactly what I mean and this little system I'm working on lets you kick things up a few notches. In the example note shots you'll see a basic floor tile. You can snot wash on it for detail, but I go a few more levels beyond 10 here- and the airbrush helps you achieve exactly that. Problem is, I'm a over caffeinated being most of the time and while working on alot of parts it can get tedious rotating the target and sometimes your angle isn't consistent between one to the next. I designed the easel to let you concentrate on your technique without having to constantly adjust for your hands being shakey from that coffee... That GOOD coffee. Or bourbon.
Also, which will become apparent soon, I'm introducing a technique with custom tools that allows you to really drop on some fine detail quickly and efficiently and this setup is part of that. More on that side a little later. After some testing I may add a part to this for the airbrush itself; during work its common for having the need to set the airbrush down to mix color, add/remove mixes and sometimes just answer the damn phone or respond to a instant message. In my case, it involves letting the wolf-daughter out for the 5th time in an hour. Whatever. Enjoy the note shots, I'll have more up soon on this.
D1 Easel Combo 001sm
D1 Easel Combo 002sm
D1 Easel Combo 003sm
D1 Easel Combo 004sm
D1 Easel Combo 005sm
D1 Easel Combo 006sm
D1 Easel Combo 007sm
D1 Easel Combo 008sm
D1 Terrain & Effects Easel Released!
Finally Re-Arranged The Workbench


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Saturday, 28 March 2020
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